Skein Contest

Entries must be at the Skein Contest booth by 1:00 pm on Friday June 12th. No pre-registration is required. No entries will be released until 2:00 pm Sunday, June 14th. Judging will be closed to observers. The judge will be available after the judging to answer questions and review results. The public is welcome after the judging.

Skein Contest Rules

1. All yarns must have been hand-spun within the past year by the contestant.
2. A 3 x 5 card must be securely attached to each skein with the following info:

Front of Card
Exhibitor’s name and address

Back of Card
Division (Novice or Experienced)
Lot # and class #, fiber content, breed of animal if known, and statement of intended use.

3. Yarn must be between 25 and 50 yards in length, in skeins about 1.5 to 2 yards in circumference. No balls of yarn will be accepted.
4. The judge is free to reassign any entry into a more appropriate class, lot and division.

Judging Criteria – Technical Construction of Yarn

1. Overall appearance
2. Twist
3. Visual uniformity
4. Spinning technique
5. Finishing
6. Suitable for intended use

Experienced Division – Lots

A. Washed Wool
B. Grease Wool
C. Mohair
D. Angora Rabbit
E. Alpaca or Llama
F. Cashmere
G. Dog Hair
H. Blended Animal Fiber
I. Fiber other than animal

(for lots H & I please state blend and fiber on the card)

Experienced Division Classes

1. Singles
2. Two-ply
3. Multi-ply
4. Novelty

Novice Division Classes

(The Novice Division is for those with less than 1 year of experience hand spinning.)

N-1. Two-ply wool or blend
N-2. Three-ply wool or blend


Ribbons will be awarded in each category.

Special awards for Grand Champion and Reserve Champion will be provided by Mountain Colors Yarn.