Fiber Arts Showcase

Plan to enter this year’s wonderful fiber arts showcase. We want to encourage fiber artists of all ages. It’s the perfect opportunity to exhibit your handmade wearable and decorative art, as well as a chance to SELL. Help us celebrate the wealth of talents and creativity found within the fiber arts community.

Download an entry form in PDF format:

Entry Forms must be received by June 5th, 2015

There is NO entry fee! Entries will be on display throughout the festival. We just want to give all of you a chance to show the world the extraordinary range of items that can be created using natural materials and a little imagination. Entries may include items constructed of handmade fabrics (woven, knitted, crocheted, felted or any other technique which forms a stable fabric) or pieced works (such as quilts or other projects constructed of textiles).

There will be a very nice prize for the People’s Choice Award.

Exhibitors are welcome to offer their items for sale. Sales during the Festival will be handled by the festival volunteers and are subject to a 10% commission. This service is to help those artists who have made wonderful things to sell, but not enough articles to justify renting a booth. We want you to have a chance to market your art.

This year the deadline for entries is June 5th, 2015. Two duplicate 3×5 cards should be attached to each entry. Please include your name and address and the sale price or NFS (not for sale) on the front side. On the back write a description of the work itself, materials and techniques employed, source of inspiration, etc. Actual entries must be in place at the Festival by Friday, June 12th, at 4pm.